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Puppy Deposit/Purchase Reservations Agreement

Purchaser’s Name:                                                                   has submitted a deposit of                toward the purchase of a puppy from PJ’s Home & Heartm Kennel on (date)                                                               
Total price of puppy before deposit and sales tax is       

Breed:                                            Sex:                               Color:                                 Litter: 

Purchaser understands and agrees to the following terms:
All deposits are non-refundable unless approved in writing by breeder. If a puppy of the agreed upon color, & sex, is not available out of requested litter, deposit will be transferred to an available litter of purchasers’ choice and the price will be guaranteed at the contracted amount if the same breed. If the purchaser opts to postpone acceptance of their pup until a future litter, it will be priced at the current rate rather than the contracted price. 
All puppies from PJ’s Home & Heart Kennel are sold on a spay/neuter contract with limited AKC registration unless otherwise negotiated.
Puppy must be picked up between 7 & 9 weeks of age unless a later date is mutually agreed upon by the buyer & seller (which typically will incur a room and board charge of $10.00 per day + any other expenses incurred such as vaccinations, etc.). Without prior arrangements, if puppy is not picked up prior to 9 weeks of age, deposit is forfeited and puppy will not be held.
Payment in full is due prior to or at time of pick-up and must be in the form of cash, bank wire transfer or through pay pal. (Please add $15.00 for wire transfer fee or 3% to total price paid through pay pal to cover fee.)  We apologize for the inconvenience but our bank holds all checks, money orders and cashiers checks for 14 days. If you need to pay with one of these methods, payment must be made 2 weeks prior to puppy pickup date. All in state sales will have sales tax added to the total price at a rate of 7.25%. 
If being delivered through ground transport, puppy must be paid in full by 5 weeks of age as well as transport fees, so that arrangements can be made. Transport charges will be quoted upon request and are based on location being transported to and other puppies from the litter traveling the same direction. Puppy will be transported at 7 weeks of age, weather permitting. Shipping via air is currently unavailble!
All puppies are guaranteed to be free of disease (internal, external parasites, umbilical hernia, & cryptorchidism excluded) at time of transfer to new owner. 
At time of puppy pickup, PJ’s Kennel will provide a signed copy of the Health Guarantee/Contract, a complete puppy packet including instructions on caring for your new puppy, medical records, AKC application, nutrition guide, & training guide, and vitamin packet. Purchaser must provide breeder with a signed copy of the health guarantee prior to or at time of puppy pick-up in order to activate guarantee.
The Purchaser agrees that he/she understands this Deposit/Reservation contract fully and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Ohio, in Perry County.  For any contract dispute’s it is agreed the place of venue shall be Perry County, Ohio.
At no time will there be any monetary reimbursement from the breeder.
Please choose one: 
Purchaser plans on picking up puppy at PJ’s Kennel. Please indicate yes or no.                       
Ground transport. Typical cost is $200.00 to $650.00 depending on distance. Please indicate if you are interested in a quote. 



Phone number:                                        Cell Phone #: 

E-Mail Address:

Purchaser Signature:________________________________________  Date: __________                

Breeder Signature:__________________________________________   Date: __________

Purchase Agreement
Please type required info. into the white squares, print, sign and mail to me with your deposit, to the address at the top of the Agreement. Thank you!
If you would like to pay your deposit  using a credit card or pay pal, please contact me ia phone or email. 
When paying with Pay Pal or credit card, please add 3.5% to your total to cover service fees. 
We no longer ship by air but will gladly meet you at the airport if you would like to fly in ad take your pup home as carry on.  Plese indicate if you are interested in more information on this option.
*By signing and submitting this agreement, Purchaser acknowledges that they understand that PJ's Kennel can not guarantee specific litters or the availability date of contracted pup. Although PJ's does everything possible to insure availability of it's pups in a timely manner, when dealing with live animals, unfortunately this is sometimes out of our control. It is understood that deposits and payments are not refundable but are transferable.