Giant Schnauzer Nursery
No pups available at this time!
Accepting reservations for our upcoming litters!
 We have litters planned for winter 2024 / spring 2025.  These dogs are producing females ranging from 90 lbs. to 120 lbs., and males up to 145 lbs.  Our Giants are producing gorgeous, huge, laid back, pups with excellent temperaments, health, and conformation, in black, pepper and salt, and black and silver, with medium soft, plush coats. We are currently accepting non refundable, but transferable deposits for these litters. Please inquire as to projected availability. Price of pups for new reservations is $2750.00 + sales tax. 1st & 2nd pick female and male are $3000.00 + sales tax and requires a $350.00 deposit.