Oorang Airedale Dams
"We take pride in our pups"
Meet Indy. She was one of our AKC Oorang Airedale dams. Indy is a big girl standing 28" at the shoulder & weighing 82lbs. She is laid back, affectionate, and a real comedian. Indy is retired, but her wonderful lines are being continued by her daughters, Daisy & Desi!
This is Harley. She is an AKC Oorang Airedale. Harley is extremely intuitive, intelligent, laid back & loving. She is totally non aggressive but very protective. She is a true lady with a heart of gold. She is 26" at the shoulder and weighs 85lbs. She comes from huge lines and produces very large pups. Harley is now retired but we will be continuing her wonderful lines through her granddaughter, Dandi. 
This is Daisy, one of our AKC Oorang Airedale dams. She is 2nd generation from our lines and is out of Indy & Davidson. Daisy is a real doll baby. She is very eager to please, intelligent and laid back. She is 27" at the shoulder and 77lbs. Although Daisy is retired, her outstanding lineage is being continued by her daughter Lilly.
This is Della. She is an AKC Oorang Airedale with a super pedigree from huge lines. She has produced amazing puppies. Della is a big girl weighing in at 91 lbs. and just under 27". She is one of the happiest dogs I have ever known. She prances when she walks and acts like every day is a celebration. She is very dedicated and extremely eager to please. Della is now retired but her daughter Dawn is continuing her legacy of excellence. 
This is one of our Akc, Oorang Airedale girls, Desi.  She has amazing lineage as she is the daughter of Indy and Duke and is a half sister to Daisy, all of which can be seen on my dams and sires pages. Desi is a tall, streamline girl out of huge lines. She is 27.5" and 78 lbs.. Desi has good drive and is ready to work or play but still eager to just relax with her family. She is an extremely intelligent and  loyal.
This is our AKC girl, Dandi. Dandi is a deep rust and black, big girl. She is 27'', and 80 lbs. of muscle. Dandi is a real sweetheart. She is laid back, easy going & affectionate. She is producing huge pups with rich color and wonderful temperaments. Dandi is the granddaughter of Harley & Davidson, both of which can be seen on our dams and sires pages.
This is our AKC girl, Annie. Annie is a dark rust and black, big girl with excellent conformation. She is 27 & 1/2", and 83 lbs.. Annie is very affectionate, eager to please and quite the ham. She is full of personality, has a lot of drive & is extremely intelligent. 
                                                         Our Retired Dams:
The first four girls listed are our retired dams. I have them listed as they are the grand dams and great grand dams of our current litters. Their daughters/granddaughters, are listed in the current dams section below them. We are producing 3rd and 4th generation of these wonderful lines which have proven to be healthy, loyal companions with amazing temperaments. 

                                                         Our Current Dams:
The following four girls listed are our current active dams. They are the granddaughters and great granddaughters of our girls above. These girls are carrying on the tradition of excellence that our Oorangs have displayed over the past 20 years.   

Photos were taken when Desi was 9 months old. Current photos won't post. We are working on the problem. In the meantime, I will be happy to email photos by request. 
Lilly is the daughter of Daisy and Duke. She is a wonderful example of the ideal Akc Oorang Airedale. Lilly is a big, gorgeous girl with an extremely easy going, affectionate disposition. She is an eager to please and affectionate teddy bear. 

This is our AKC girl, Dawn. Dawn is a beautiful deep brown and black. She is 26'', and 74lbs. of muscle. Dawn is very affectionate, extremely smart, and eager to please. She is really laid back and easy going with a great sense of dedication to her family. She is producing huge pups with rich color and wonderful temperaments as she is the daughter of our Della and Duke (both can be seen on the web site on the dams and sires pages).